Yoga and Windurf Clinic with Arrianne Aukes

Fanatic´s Arrianne Aukes is organizing a Yoga and Windsurf clinic together with the Yoga teacher Ladina van Swoll-Melchior beginning of April on Bonaire. The combination between Windsurfing & Yoga combines exhilaration relaxation – all set in the breathtaking location at Sorobon Beach – just perfect!

Yoga complements Windsurfing and can greatly improve your performance in the water. Windsurfing makes you stronger, but the many hours on the water also causes sore and tensed muscles. Yoga brings this back in balance and helps being focused.

Bonaire, a location well known for delivering some of the world most famous windsurfers, is a place with constant trade winds, amazing crystal clear water and nice shallow  lagoon for learning. A personal favourite destination; there is a lot this windswept island has to offer.

The Windsurf part will be taught by Arrianne – besides competing on the World Tour she is also a certified and experienced windsurf instructor who knows exactly how to teach. She will offer you five days of coaching for all levels. So whether you want to crank down those jibes, work on your stance or step up your Freestyle skills to the next level then this is the perfect time to try.

Ladina is a very experienced Yoga teacher and advanced windsurfer too. She has developed a special Yoga program that includes movements, balance and deep stretch exercises  that help to improve your performance on the water. All Yoga classes will take place in Sorobon Beach Resort, the most peaceful and breathtaking beach of the island.