2.500 Kilometers on a SUP for a good Cause

Pascal Rösler, a businessman from Munich, paddled from Munich to the mouth of the Danube into the Black Sea.The start took place on July 20th in Munich and after 2,500 kilometers and 63 days on the water he now has reached his destination. He spent almost 360 hours on his Falcon Air, about 600,000 paddling strokes in total! He did that all for a good cause – to maintain our water, which we all need for our living.

“Every paddle stroke has brought me closer to the Black Sea and with the last paddle stroke this trip has come to an end. It was a wonderful experience and we can be very satisfied with the donations of more than 10,000 Euro we have collected so far.”  Pascal explained after his arrival in Sulina, Romania. The donations will support the Pure Water Association for Generations (https://pure-wasser-for-generations.com/) projects to protect water and rive. On average, Pascal spent six to eight hours per day on his board. “Other people  go to work in the morning, I went paddling instead,” he said with a smile on his face. On his route between Munich and the Black Sea, Pascal has met many new supporters and friends who will help him with his future projects. “I have met many people who will share my goals and are committed to maintaining clean water. I was surprised how positive the response to our action was.” Pascal continued. Lots of people offered to help him along the route – whether it was fresh water, overnight accommodation or a good meal. It was an interesting experience.

For Pascal the water has become his life and together with the five-man team of the non-profit organisation Pure Water for Generations e.V. he will do everything possible to maintain it. The comprehensive tour diary with all sorts of anecdotes and a lot of historical background is also available at: http://sup-muenchen-schwarzesmeer.de/

The documentary about Pascal’s journey of Very Film will be shown in the course of the autumn in several episodes on the net.

Donations are still welcome under following link: https://pure-water-for-generations.com/en/support/?mit-dem-sup-von-mnchen-bis-ins-schwarze-meer

Well done Pascal – what a great achievement and we are very happy you chose our Falcon Air!